Not The Answer, but

HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,

12 Benefits; What’s unique, special


Maximizing work life AND organizational, workplace balance, integration


12 Benefits, advantages;
What’s unique/different, special about an:


Comprehensive/Holistic, Full Service, “One Stop”
Education, information AND Learning, development
Center/Department utilizing 

MaxFulfillment and its Store/Mall, Programs,
“One Stop”  and Services/Opportunities


Benefits, advantages; What’s unique/different, special is first outlined and
then explained in more detail.  


1 Maximizing, optimizing what we want most
satisfaction, success, fulfillment;
being completely/totally satisfied, fulfilled


2 Work life AND organizational, workplace balance, integration  

Why?, because organizational well-being, effectiveness and excellence are also needed, and that sponsors individual work life balance/integration!  It’s also part of 3, 3 A.


3 Holistic, systems approach.  See below.

“Managing all the parts of your organization as a unified whole to achieve your mission……… together in a fully interconnected, unified, and mutually beneficial manner” (Baldrige Excellence Builder)

A Maximizing organization(workplace, business, school) AND
individual (employee, staff; student, faculty) development (4). 
Integrated, not separate, siloed or nonexistent.  See below. 

B Education, information AND Learning, development (5).
Integrated, not separate, siloed or nonexistent.  See below.


4 Baldrige Excellence Framework 

Similar to what’s used worldwide
So it’s building blocks; a foundation or launching pad for 
Maximizing, optimizing organization AND individual development, 
continuous improvement and success/fulfillment (MaxFulfillment). 


5 Feast, gold mine or cornucopia of Education, information AND Learning, development (6 and 7):

♦ Organization development and enrichment, empowerment;
♦ Work life balance/integration;
♦ Personal, professional, career development, and 
♦ Continuing education, lifelong learning!


Comprehensive/Holistic, F
ull Service, “One Stop” 
Education, information AND Learning, development

Utilizing MaxFulfillment and its
Store/Mall , 
♦ Programs and
♦ Services/Opportunities


7 Amazing, “One of a Kind” Store/Mall
Enriched, fortified by Programs

♦ Just look at how much the Store/Mall and Programs (plus reserves I have) have to offer for you; your work, workplace, business; school, profession/professional association, community/community organizations. 

Think of how much time, money and effort is saved not trying to gather together and duplicate them.  That would be long and hard, and maybe not possible.

♦ Plus, you, they are not left in the Store/Mall walking the aisles on your own without support, assistance. But instead get complimentary consultation and other support, assistance with Services/Opportunities     


8 Hierarchy of Learning.  See below.

Aligning with how we tend to know or learn something: First, we gather info, become educated, and then seek formal, structured learning if needed or necessary.  But learning, training and development departments usually start with the latter.     


9 It’s not The Answer, but your answer  

Most people and places try to tell or sell you what The Answer is.  Instead, MaxFulfillment, such as 5 and 7 provide an outstanding variety of options for finding, choosing or strengthening, improving yours, the best one for you. 


10 All the complimentary consultations and gifts you can receive, that you can select!  Plus, you can make a request!


11 Randy.  See Testimonials 


12 Results guaranteed, and you will be connected with any other support, assistance that is needed! 


What makes organizations and leaders great, the best?            

“A systems perspective means managing all the parts of your organization as a unified whole to achieve your mission………And it means ensuring that the individual parts of your organization’s management system work together in a fully interconnected, unified, and mutually beneficial manner” (Baldrige Excellence Builder).

Organization & Employee Development (OED) is a discipline of Human Resources that “unites and advances the business objectives of all other functions of an organization” (SHRM Society for Human Resource Management).

That unified, holistic, systems approach is the one that MaxFulfillment takes. 
It’s represented or exemplified by:

♦ Education, information AND Learning, development

♦ Maximizing, optimizing organization (workplace, business) AND
individual (employee, staff; student, faculty) learning/development

♦ Maximizing work life AND organizational, workplace balance, integration  

Below are reasons why for the first 2 diamonds.


Why an Education, information AND Learning, development
Solution, Center/Department?

Education, info/knowledge go together with Learning, training, development like our left and right hand. They are inseparable; can’t have one without the other. 

In fact, gaining information/knowledge comes first before formal, structured learning as a hierarchy of learning.  When we want to know or learn something, we tend to first seek information, knowledge.  “Just give me the facts ma’am” or sir as shown by the enormous, intense use and searching on Google, YouTube and other social media. 

Then if, when needed or necessary, we look for some formal, structured learning like a class or workshop, face-to-face or online.  Furthermore and note this, formal, structured learning itself starts with basic information or facts first before applying/using, experiencing, practicing to learn them.     

However, in organizations, workplaces or businesses, education, knowledge management and learning, training and development are usually in separate departments if not silos, and may have one but not the other. 

Also, the tendency for learning, training, development is to first go for formal, structured learning instead of providing info, knowledge first, and then seeing if any seminar, workshop or class is necessary, needed.  Education, information may not even be thought of or provided at any point, just formal, structured learning. 


Why Maximizing, optimizing organization (workplace, business) AND
individual (employee, staff; student, faculty) learning/development ……..?

Its vision, goal and action steps mirror what the enormous popularity and intense use of Google, Google searches, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media clearly shows:  

♦ Our strong, powerful, passionate desire for Information, knowledge and resources; Education, learning and development; Continuous improvement; Success/fulfillment, and for Maximizing, optimizing all of it.     

♦ And we want what we need when we need it—this instant, right NOW!  Some call that “just time in learning” or may it’s “instant gratification” (either way you can have it).   That’s what the One Stop, Store and Programs are mainly for, to make a reality. 

Furthermore, organization and individual (employee, staff) development, continuous improvement can’t be separate, siloed or not offered. They are interdependent, interrelated like left and right hands and feet are.

The job, manager, culture, working conditions, pay, promotion, professional development we need/want are made possible, brought to us or not by the organization, workplace or business we work in. 

And vice versa, employees, staff; students, faculty can “make or break” being a best/great place to work (and go to school if college/university), “employer of choice” or “best in class” by lack of engagement or resistance to change or improvement. 

Therefore, organization and individual development/effectiveness, continuous improvement need to “team up”, and be balanced, integrated like the Baldrige Excellence Framework accomplishes for organizations, the Accreditation process attains for colleges/universities, and what Life, Work Life Balance/Integration achieves for us individually.  How about Organization/Workplace Balance, Integration? 

Randy Bennett Ed.D.

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Education, information AND
Learning, development
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You and your Work, workplace, business;
Profession, school and 
community are: 

♦ Meeting, resolving and achieving Education, information and Learning, training, development needs, issues and goals completely/fully

♦ Changing, strengthening or improving what you, they want/need; is pressing and necessary, and most of all

♦ Maximizing/optimizing Education, information AND
Learning, development, such as  

Appreciative Inquiry, Baldrige, Learning Organization,
Meeting the Challenge and Responsibility of LeadershipSupport and Advancement of Adults Education in Programs.
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