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Meeting the Challenge and 
Responsibility of Leadership:
Being the Leader That You Are and Is Needed.  

(Formal and Informal Leadership)

Service and outstanding, compelling vision are part of Category 1 in the Baldrige Excellence Framework, and two hallmarks of a great leader (formal and informal), and strong, pervasive themes in the leadership literature/body of knowledge.  

We may not hold a position or job title of leadership, such as manager, supervisor, boss or chair (Formal Leadership).  However, no matter what our work, position or job title may be, WE ARE ALL LEADERS, leading, providing leadership to ourselves, family, friends; in our work/workplace, profession, school and community, whether we are aware of it or not; like it or not (Informal Leadership).  

So, stop, take a close look at the needs/wants, issues/problems; vision, mission, dreams and hopes in your life, work, workplace, profession, school and community.  That need and cry out for leadership, your leadership, and all of us, you and I doing our part to help meet them.  And consider your own needs, vision, passion, goals, and beliefs/values that call for you to be a leader to yourself as well.  

You and I, and together are therefore encouraged and challenged to take responsibility, action, and provide needed, necessary leadership to help meet needs, problems/issues; vision, mission, hopes, dreams in your life, family, work, workplace, profession, school and community.  It’s not only I, me, my, but we, us, our.  We are interdependent and need to support, assist one another.

If you are already being the leader that you are and is needed, then who could you support, assist that isn’t or needs help?  Are there other needs, problems/issues; vision, missions that you could help address and provide further needed, necessary leadership?

The Meeting the Challenge and Responsibility of Leadership Questions below are for further understanding what leadership is; your vision, mission, purpose or calling; articulating or clarifying the leader that you are, and the needs, issues, vision, mission, hopes, dreams that your leadership can address.    

Write down your answers. Be specific and detailed; give examples or incidents.  Use these four sources—your own experience and observations; library and internet research; interviewing/talking with others, and documents such as an organization’s strategic plan, values, guiding principles or mission statement. 

Interviewing/talking with others can include colleagues, co-workers who know you and your vision, mission, passion.  They can also include leaders, administrators, or managers who know the vision, mission, problems or values at work, in your profession or community organizations.

Meeting the Challenge and Responsibility of Leadership Questions 

1 What does leadership, leader, being a leader mean to you?  How would define or describe them?

2 Who have been the greatest leaders you have seen or experienced at work, in your community or who are well known, famous.  Why, what makes them great leaders?  

3 What is the ideal leader or leadership that a leader should provide? Who would be your role model or example of that ideal leader or leadership?

4 What are the best examples of informal and formal leadership you know of—at work, in your profession, community, or in the news or books.

5 What is your vision, mission, passion/fire in the belly?  Leaders having a strong, compelling vision is one of the strongest, most pervasive themes in the leadership literature.   Revisit this question after answering the others.   

6 What are the vision, mission, passions, goals, beliefs/values at your work, in your field or community organizations that cry out for leadership, your leadership?

7 What are the burning, ‘keep you awake at night’ issues, problems or challenges at work, in your profession or community groups that cry out for leadership, your leadership? 

8 What is the formal and informal leadership you want to provide? What are the vision, mission, goals, issues or challenges that you, as a leader want to address?

9 Now how will you address or resolve them in 8.?  What is the support, assistance, partners or team that you will need?  What is your formal or informal leadership action and accountability plan for meeting the challenge and responsibility of leadership?

10 Who can you support, assist with their Informal Leadership and how will you do that?

11 Other questions, comments, thoughts or ideas about Formal and Informal Leadership and Meeting the Challenge and Responsibility To Be the Leaders that We Are and Is Needed.

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