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START YOUR HEALTH OFF RIGHT IN 2021 (or any new start) In MLK Style and Carry on His Legacy

To me, all of January, and not just a day (how about year-round) is a time to salute, honor and pay tribute/respect to Martin Luther King Jr; apply and live up to his teachings, and be like him and the example he set.   

That’s mighty hard to do if you are not healthy—feeling tired, run-down, little energy; have “aches and pains”, and not exercising or getting much sleep/the sleep you need.  

Or on the other hand, just imagine how much you and I could help continue MLK’s spirit, memory and legacy if we are healthy and feeling alive, energized, rested, fit, and not sidelined with disease, sickness or “aches and pains”.  

And I would think that is what MLK would want all of us to do and be—healthy, take our health seriously; change, strengthen or improve it on a regular, consistent basis and not be in lousy shape or poor health.  

So, how can we all, each one of us START THE NEW YEAR, 2021 OFF RIGHT FOR OUR HEALTH, WHAT’S BEST FOR IT (or any new start), AND MAKE MLK AND OURSELVES PROUD?  

First, What was MLK and his legacy all about?  It was about changing the country, the world and making it a better place for all of us.  It was about standing up for what was right, needed, and had to be said and heard even if we didn’t want to hear it or couldn’t take it.   

So that’s what these action steps for starting our health off right in the New Year or any new start are all about.  That carries on the spirit, memory and legacy of MLK!!  Which I think he would have been glad to see and support wholeheartedly.


Think of the action steps below like a menu where you pick or choose what you like and can start at any number.  The numbers are just for reference and not an order of priority.   

Whatever you do for your health and the sake of MLK and his legacy, keep this in mind:  

Inch by inch it’s a cinch; yard by yard it’s mighty hard. 

 1 Do something, anything about the lousy, dreadful state/condition our health is in that is killing us, shortening lives or making it unpleasant to live. See 1  

2 Help start a Health Ministry, Community Service that helps out our health most of all, can make the biggest difference or contribution.  See   

3 Wear the real mask, get the real protection.  Do more for stopping the spread of COVID, and you, family and friends getting it besides wearing face coverings, social distancing, staying at home and away from crowds.  See

4 Help start a new norm for personal healthcare.  There is just way too much death; disabling, debilitation or losing wellness, well-being by COVID and other serious diseases like cancer, heart attack, diabetes, alzheimer’s, dementia.   

So all of us need to, must be continuously changing, strengthening or improving our health.  Being unhealthy and having a poor immune system is no longer possible, an option.   See

5 For other personal tips, pointers for starting your health off right in the New Year or any new start, see 


6 What would you add or suggest for changing, improving and making breakthroughs with our health in the spirit, memory and legacy of MLK?  

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Don’t wait to take action, and miss out on making an MLK kind of contribution to you, yourself AND/or the state/condition of our health (1 above).  Contact Randy NOW for a range of in-person or virtual help from Q&A to webinar—Q&A, further info; discussion, meeting; support, assistance; advising, coaching; talk/presentation, workshop/webinar.  

Thank you! for sharing, posting, emailing, passing  along to churches and other places of worship; church members, publications, websites and social media.   

Best to you, family and friends in 2021, and carrying on MLK’s spirit, memory and legacy.


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